You Have A Booger In Your Nose.

That scary moment when somebody tells you that you have a booger in your nose. That immediate feeling of embarrassment. Questions such as wanting to know how long it has been there, who else saw it and what they were thinking? Yes there are a lot of uncomfortable feelings that arise when somebody tells you that you have a booger in your nose, but you quickly grab a piece of paper, look in the mirror and take care of it.

Afterwards, you may still feel a little embarrassed but you will be greatly appreciative. The same goes with constructive criticism. People are so stuck in their ways and always having to be right and feeling like they know everything that when other people tell them about themselves, they immediately get angry.

Angry for what? Treat it the same way as if somebody told you that you have a booger in your nose. Take your pride and ego and put it to the side to look in the mirror. Look at the reflection of your life and see if what they say is true. Are you being selfish? Are you being controlling? are you not showing the person you love enough affection as they are asking for? Are some of your actions actually creating stress, frustration and pain to the people around you?

Many times when we speak on things that we see, that individual only reacts with anger. Just like a booger, many people may see things about you way clearer than the individual who it pertains to. If you have a booger in your nose and you only react out of anger, its not going to get cleaned up. If anything, it will just sit there and get bigger while everybody around you watches and talks about it in silence.

This goes to everybody. This goes to the spouse. This goes to the parent. This goes to the teacher, the manager, the co-worker and even the stranger. Maybe the person telling you about yourself is wrong. I have a nose piercing and many times people think that its a booger until I look in the mirror and see that they were confused but there is no reason to get angry.

Same concept. If what somebody is telling you is wrong then continue doing what you are doing but anger should never be the response. Treat constructive criticism as if you had a booger in your nose. Listen to what the person is saying, evaluate it yourself and see if there isnt fact behind what they are saying and then clean it up if possible. Appreciate the feedback and keep moving. Allowing yourself to understand what they see may possibly help you in the long run.


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