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Love is to be respected, not controlled

Jun 22, 2021

Earth, wind, water and fire are the greatest forces on our amazing planet. It brings life as well as takes it away. It can be as beautiful as it can be ugly. The earth doesn’t try to control these powerful forces but instead allows them to shape it into the magnificent beauty that we see all around us. Just like the earth, us as individuals have forces inside of us that shape us to be the beautiful people that we are. One of those forces, and in my opinion, the strongest is love. Love allows a mother to lift a car to save her child. Love tells us to get up and keep going when the weight of the world is pulling us down. Love is what inspires us to create beautiful works of art and speak words that spread to other’s souls through music. None of which can be taught in a school. Just like our planet can’t control the forces of nature, we can’t control this force called love. The moment that we try is the moment we start destroy the beauty within ourselves. For example, lets compare love to having a dangerous job. The dangers are always going to be there and we can not control that. It will involve pain sometimes and people will get hurt.…

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Why does an ex become an enemy?

May 13, 2021

I know. The title seems very extreme. I’m sure many people dislike their exes and couldn’t imagine a scenario of how they could possibly be anything but enemies, but I think I got the answer. Of course, if the relationship ended on terrible terms such as physical and/or mental abuse, infidelity, stealing something valuable or taking advantage of the partner, then I understand completely. I wouldn’t expect anything other than negativity, but what if nobody intended on hurting the other? What if they both did everything that they did out of love and it just simply wasn’t working? Things such as being gone for long periods of time working? The man is doing it out of love but the woman feels like she is put to the side. Or a mother is constantly on the kids because she has certain expectations but the family feels that she’s just being mean and slowly pushes the family away. One of the partners is constantly upset because he wants to save money so that he can make his spouse’s dreams come true, such as surprise dinners, romantic getaways, and eventually a nice ring but the spouse is constantly spending money. Sometimes the love is there, the chemistry is there, but the person just being who they are isn’t working. One person could be…

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