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Bloganuary #3- What is the earliest memory you have?

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Looking back to my earliest memory, I think it was when my mother changed my diaper. A lot of the time, she would have to change my twin brother and me at the same time. This time, in particular, was one of those times. While she was changing me, I remember playing with my brother while we were both on our backs. She wrapped my ankles together so that she could hold my legs with one hand and wrestle with my brother in the other hand. I think the reason why I remember this so vividly is because my mom was trying to do all of this while on a waterbed.

My brother and I bouncing around was one thing, but then you had mom trying to balance and keep us in control. I remember that it was bright and sunny outside and the windows were open. All you could hear outside was the rustling of the trees, and it was a windy day. For some reason, I think I even remember the pattern of the bedsheet. It was a bunch of vibrant multicolored squares. I actually think my mom was having just as much fun as we were.

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