Bloganuary #1- What is something you want to achieve this year?

I am a little late to the punch with my New Year bloganuary posts, but I am actually really glad I am late because it meshes with precisely what I want to achieve this year. Something that I want to do this year is to recreate myself to be an upgrade version of who I was last year. For my followers, yall know that last year was an extremely hard one for me. Not that I went through the heaviness of healing from an accident that could have easily killed me right before this time last year, but I also went through a divorce, lost my house, lost my car, lost the woman I wanted to grow old with and lost almost all of my friends. Last year taught me a ton of things about the world and most of all, taught me a lot about myself. To explain what I want to achieve this year, I must first tell you what I learned last year.

Last year I learned that I am far stronger than I ever could have imagined. I was forced to endure pain that I never saw coming. I was forced to be locked up in my room with nothing but my thoughts to keep me company the majority of the time and it was extremely hard. So hard that I almost gave up and accepted my fate and quit pushing. Luckily, in that brief week that I quit, I felt sooooo bad that I didn’t have a choice but to change a lot of my actions. I saw how I was procrastinating with things that I knew needed to be done. I wasn’t putting as much work into projects that would help me heal, as well as bring in some income to help me grow. I was making excuses that were not benefitting me at all.

So one day, I got up and told myself that I am going to use this time to gain momentum and move forward. I started intentionally making changes. I started taking risks. Many of those risks made me lose a LOT of money. Way more money than I made in the past 3 years put together, but those risks taught me a so much more. Those risks taught me the importance of investing as well as taught me the difference between spending money and waisting. Those risks taught me to see how big of a heart I have as well as how to protect it from people who want to take advantage for their convenience. Those risks taught me how to say “No” and not feel guilty about it. Taught me to slow down and make decisions based on logic instead of fear.

I also started doing a lot of shadow work and understanding why I move the way that I do. Allowing myself to look back and see what events caused me to think and act the way that I did and what actions I could change to have more positive and beneficial push forward. I started seeing different perspectives when it came to my priorities, my environment, my entertainment and the hardest was the people I was surrounding myself with. I had to start loving me first and that’s what I started doing. For the past 6 months, I have been alone and constantly at my computer, working on ways to become a better version of myself.

So with all that I went through, experienced and learned from the past year, I am going to utilize it and continue doing what I have been doing, but this time, with a lot more action. No more being paralyzed by perfection and fear of making the wrong moves. Now I am just going do it and learn from what I did and tweak it as I move to the next action. Now time to backtrack to the original question.

What is something you want to achieve year?

This year I have a list of achievements that I want to do. This year I want to work on my procrastination. Procrastination and self-discipline is by far the hardest struggle that I have right now. I am currently reading “One year to an organized life” by Regina Leeds and I highly recommend it. If you are anything like me, just the introduction had me hooked. Long story short, it helps you organize your life by giving you a weekly task. You follow the tasks every day for a month. Once you start the new month, those tasks will become habits, and it’s time to start new ones. By the end of the book, you will have had an entire year of making small changes that help you become 1% better every day. By the end of the year, I want to cut my procrastination down drastically, which will move me to my larger achievement.

By the end of the year, I will have my blog page fully running and making some form of income. I will be contracted as a licensed drone pilot so that I can help bring people’s stories to life as well as help advertise businesses such as real estate, photography and so much more. In doing so, I will get the experience and understanding of how to design and edit videos so that I can utilize what I learned to help build my brand as a motivational speaker and help people overcome obstacles that are holding them back from being the best version of themselves.

By December, I want to have a portfolio with all of my work and be on stage helping people build their confidence, change their perspective and allow them to choose to live a life that they truly deserve. I am going to use today as the day that I make my initial step to the bright future I have waiting for me. Feel free to follow me in this journey. I would like to see if this helped anybody continue to keep moving forward and helped them become a better, happier version of themself.


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