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Mysterious Realities

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Bloganuary Writing Post 1/19/2022: Write about something mysterious

This one hit me pretty hard and I feel that many people will see my mystery as the mystery that it really is. The mystery that I would like to talk about is REALITY. It may not seem like a mystery to the naked eye so I want you to do me a favor and close them. What is reality? Is reality perceived from a feeling? If so, is that feeling necessarily real? Is that feeling stronger depending on your current state of mind, your current environment or is it based on pain or pleasure?

Throughout life we have had so many seeds planted in our heads that what we may think is real, may not be a thing at all. Are ghosts real or are they a figment of somebody else’s reality? Was that reality expressed to another individual and now their imagination is projecting the image of what they thought the other individual saw, in the shadows?

I am God fearing and truly believe in God but what about the ones who say that he can’t be real and try to prove it with science based facts. Science is full of facts but at the end of the day is still a form of a hypothesis due to the fact that we learn new things about old ideas everyday, that change what was previously fact. If the ones throwing facts about science and claiming that God isn’t real, then why when so many people find God, their lives feel more free and they are able to overcome things in ways that never expected to happen? Where murders find compassion. Where people who want to quit find the strength and courage to continue. Coincidence? Possibly.

So what is reality? Boiling water will turn something as fragile and delicate as an egg into something hard, but turn something that is hard and rugged like a potato into something soft and weak. That same boiling water could also turn into something amazing like when you put coffee beans in it.

Is reality based on sight, sound, touch and taste? Is reality something that can be studied, and if you cant see it, hear it, feel it or taste is it not real? It has to be real to somebody, but if its real, what is it to the plenty of people that can’t feel, taste, see or hear. What is their reality? Is reality dictated on societal norms and if so, who’s social group is right?

We know what is right and what is wrong. We know what is good and what is bad but many will say that the there is no good or bad, but rather just experiences that come from cause and effect? Somebodies hell could be somebody else’s heaven.

We have time zones that we to help us keep track and stay organized, but is time actually real or something that somebody created to make living a little easier? I can close my eyes here in Tampa, Florida while somebody across the world, at the exact time is opening there’s to start another day.

I can go on all day long with this but this is why its such a mystery to me because no matter what anybody says, there can and will always be a rebuttal that could be brought up to argue. So yes. I decided to write about something truly mysterious.

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