Can’t Hurt Me

Bloganuary Writing Prompt 1/18/2022: What book is next in your reading list?

I am actually in awe at the perfect timing of this prompt. Until now, I didn’t know that bloganuary was even a thing. The reason why the time is so perfect is because just yesterday I actually finished reading my book and today I am starting my next book. The book that Ijust finished reminded me of the current events that are happening in my life.

I missed out on this months writing prompts because I was distracted with trying to build myself back from a tragic accident that occurred in mid October. I was in an almost fatal accident that left me fighting for my life. Waking up in a hospital bed with both legs snapped, left elbow broken, fractured ribs, fractured left side of my face, fractured neck, fractured lower spine, a collapsed lung and possible brain injuries, checking in on my emails was not a priority to me.

In my healing process, a good friend of mine gave me a book written by David Goggins. The book was of his life story and how the power of his mind allowed him to conquer all of the obstacles that tried to hold him down. He talked about the rough childhood he had growing up and how it affected him as a young man. Finally looking in the mirror, he decided that he was going to take control of his life and become something that nobody ever imagined him to be.

Reading David Goggins’ book inspired me to push through the pain and suffering that I was dealing with. His words showed me that, even though my body was broken, this was not a test of physical strength but a test of my mind. Testing me to see if I would just accept defeat and lay broken on the bed like the doctors wanted me to or if I was going to have the guts to get up and do the impossible.

Monday, January 17th was thirteen weeks since my accident and I can say that all of my doctors have no idea how I have progressed as much as I have. My only reasoning to them is that I made it this far because I stopped listening to the advice that they were telling me and I was not going to be reliant on the meds that they were trying to force me to take.

I still have a very long way to in my road to recovery but I am now able to walk without the need of using a wheelchair or a cane. This past. This past Thursday I had anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF) surgery and it was probably the hardest and most painful experience out of all I’ve dealt with these past 3 months.

Today I was finally able to lift my head up without being in excruciating pain and didn’t need to use my hands to assist me repositioning. I took advantage of that freedom and jumped onto my computer and started planning out my future. I want to build my blog and eventually create a podcast, but what I want to do more than anything is write my book. Thats when I saw bloganuary in the emails.

The next book that I am going to read is actually in my lap as I write this post and it is called “Writing Your Novel From Start To Finish” by Joseph Bates. While I read this book, I am going to incorporate many things that I learn in the book as well as look back at David Goggins book “Can’t Hurt Me” in the hopes that I can inspire people that are going through hard times the same way he inspired me to beat the odds and overcome the obstacles that I am going through. This post is a lot longer than I expected it to be but it only makes sense because I have to make up for the seventeen prompts that I missed prior.  


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