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This past year went by pretty fast for me. Although it went by fast, a lot happened which made this year a really tough one. I went through trials that sucked the strength out of me, both mentally and physically. I went through pain that I never imagined I would ever feel and I experienced a lot of “firsts” as well when it came to experiences.

Just as much hurt I experienced and bad emotions that I felt, I had a lot of amazing times as well. I met amazing people who care about me and help me become a better person. People who have held up the flashlight to guide me out of dark places. People who have introduced me to activities and other environments that bring me peace and happiness.

The most memorable moment that made this year a very important one happened at the very end. I was in a tragic accident that nearly killed me. It took everything from me. It took away my home. It took away my job and any form of income. It took away my ability to move freely. It took away my life, but in doing so it created a new one. That accident gave me the same thing that it took away.

This accident gave me life again. It sparked something inside of me that has awaken something new. As it may have taken my ability to physical move freely, it has also given me the drive to move mentally. I have learned a lot about myself, the world and the people around me. It gave me a new view on life.

So on that note, I am going to move differently. I am not going to be the man that I was before. Just like the quotes says, “New year, new me.”, but I am literally a new person starting a new year.

I have done research on the place that I want and need to be. From there I have created routines that I will work on daily that will push me into the direction to get me where I need to be. I didn’t make a New Years resolution. I made a life resolution in which at anytime throughout the year, I can change it up and start fresh.

I have created a goal and broke that goal into monthly goals. From there I turned my monthly goals into weekly and daily. Steps that once completed will get me to where I need to be. This is going to be a great year but is also going to be the beginning of a great new life.

Tell me how your year was and tell me what this year has taught you. Tell me what you did in certain scenarios and how it carve you into the person you are now. Also tell me how you are planning this year to go and tell me your goals and tools that you will use to achieve it. This year feels like its going to be amazing and I want you to share how you feel this year will be for you.

Happy New Years and I pray that you all are safe, find happiness and become greater than the you that you were last year.

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