Unexpected Surprise

Overall, everything is starting to get better. Although this is going to be a very very long road ahead of me, I will admit that things are starting to get easier. I have gotten better at my movements. I have been able to do a lot more on my own without needing much assistance and the best of it all is that I am not in excruciating pain.

Of course this pain was so bad that I couldn’t sleep an entire night without waking up but I have officially been able to sleep 3 nights consecutively. I will admit that there is still a lot of pain but it is bearable now. Many times it just feels like a constant discomfort overall.

Today was a good day as well. It was early Saturday morning and I finally had an appointment to get some x-rays of my right leg finally because it has still been bothering me. My mommy got the car ready and got me loaded into the passenger seat. It felt good because it was one of the rare times that I could actually go back out into the world.

Once we got to the radiology office, it was quick and easy. They rolled me to the back and got my X-rays. The nurses were very helpful and calm. Once we were done, they said that they would send my results to my original surgeons and I would know the results by Monday.

Monday came and gone and we did not get any information from anybody. The anticipation was high and we were soooooo excited to get the results but I had another appointment the following day with the surgeon so that he can check how great my wounds are healing and also take out all of my stitches in my left arm and leg.

Tuesday came faster than expected and once mommy was off work, she grabbed me up and we raced to the office. Once there, there was a very long wait due to it being short staffed but we were patient. We were called in to see him and he greeted us with a huge smile. The doctor was shocked at how well my wounds were healing and how much I was able to do on my own.

After looking at all of my stitches, he said that they would be removed and they were going to put a boot on my leg to keep it from healing in an awkward position that would affect how I walk. Before he left, I mentioned to him my pain in my right leg and asked if he got the X-ray. He said that he was notified of the x-ray but did not have the chance to view them yet. He immediately had a nurse grab me to take new X-rays so that he could look over them.

That is where everything changed. The nurse took me to another room to get my x-rays and brought me back. Shortly after, the doctor came in and said news that we were not expecting at all. Luckily his demeanor wasn’t excited so we knew that it wasn’t urgent but he said that there was actually another break in my right leg.

“Like a hairline fracture” asked my mom but he responded by saying that it is bigger. An actual break. He then asked me if I had any pain in my ankle and wanted to take a more detailed X-ray. He wheeled me back to the room, sat me on the table and held my leg in place while twisting my ankle. It was very painful but he said that he wanted to see more of what the break looked like. He took me back to the room to have another nurse take out my stitches and put the boot on my left leg.

When the doctor returned he said that I was lucky. He said that the break was actually doing really good and healing on its own. He said that I would not need surgery, a cast or anything for it to heal normally. We took his word and we left knowing to just stay off that leg as much as possible.

Two days go by and I am doing my normal daily routine of waking up at 5 am, watching my sermon, writing in my journal and reading my book, something told me to log on and see if anything new came onto my hospital notes. When I logged on I saw a big message stating that the X-ray was now able to be seen. I was so excited to finally see what it looked like. When I clicked onto the page my jaw hit the ground. It was not just a break. It was a complete snap of my bone.

Boy it is going to be a very long road of mine. This is only going to be another obstacle to adapt and overcome from. We will learn what all needs to be done shortly. One doctor is telling me that it will heal on its own while another doctor is telling me that I may need to go into surgery. If I have to go through surgery then I will have to start all over from scratch. Let’s hope it doesn’t get to that point.


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