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Counting Down The Days

A few days have gone by but I was not able to realize it. My days have been blending in so bad that when the nurses come and give me my meds, I can’t tell them when the last time I was checked up on. The days are dragging and the pain is not making it better. Just laying in the bed and watching the clock tick and tock.

Overall the nurses have been amazing with me and I have yet to feel anything but welcomed. Because I am in the trauma unit, I have a roommate who was also in an accident as well, so there is always something happening whether it is with me or him.

My movements are getting a little better. Sleeping is still the hardest of it all because my legs swell to the point that it kills me just to adjust them and the pain is still waking me up at night. I also have to pee every time I wake up so that makes it that much worse. Rotating out of bed. Lowering my legs to the ground makes them feel like they are going to explode and then standing up on my legs to slowly walk to the bathroom and lower myself down. Excruciating pain, only to do lift me up and make my way back to the bed.

I want to go home. Badly. Everything that I was doing in the hospital, I felt that I could do at home but the doctors and nurses felt that there was a little more than they needed to look after and the therapists wanted to make sure I could do simple movements that I will need once I am out of the hospital. They would come in everyday and have me do simple leg movements that I will have to do regularly so that I can properly walk once I am healed.

Exercises such as tapping my toes on the ground while my heal stayed in place. Stretching my leg out as far as I can without pain and then bending it back as much as possible without feeling pain. My arms were a different story. There was a lot more going on with them because of the type of injuries and their locations. I would have to do shoulder rolls and shoulder shrugs. Stretch my arms as wide as I could without pain. Push them straight forward as much as I could and then raise them to the best of my ability.

Because of my fractured ribs and the plate in my left arm, I needed to use my right hand to halp me with a lot of the movement in my left arm just so that the movement was still being done and it didn’t lock in place.

Another therapist came in and gave me a hemy walker. Wierd-looking walker but it was perfect for me since I couldn’t use my left arm. He allowed me to use it to stand up and we would walk. The pain was definitely there so I moved slowly but he was very surprised at how good I was doing for the first time. While I was walking, I noticed that the pain in my right leg got way worse. I let them know about it and we continued.

Throughout the duration of my stay, therapists came in and helped me with my movements, and started walking farther and farther. The nurses were still checking up on me regularly and giving me my meds at the right time and I will say that the food started getting tastier and tastier. The doctor came in and told me that I may be leaving in the following day and I was beyond excited. The just needed permission from the therapists to verify that I was mobile enough to go home.

The next day around 3pm, the doctors gave me the okay to go home and my mother was notified. They gave me my own wheelchair and Hemy walker. Now just counting down the seconds from which my mother would be there to take me home. I could not wait.

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