Road To Recovery

Good morning! I have been gone for quite some time now and I would like to explain why. On Monday, October 18th, 2021 I was in a near-fatal accident while riding my mother’s moped-style scooter. The accident left me with several broken bones. My left arm and leg and small fractures in my face, neck, and spine. Fortunate for me, I do not remember the accident at all.

All I remember is one moment I am cruising home from a chiropractor appointment and the next moment I was being pushed in a hospital bed through a hallway full of people. I don’t remember the specifics of who was there but I think it was my mother and a few doctors saying that I was going into surgery.

Considering that I was in an unknown space surrounded by unknown people in a hospital, about to go into surgery, I felt calm and relaxed. I had no idea that I was in an accident that almost killed me and I accepted the doctor’s words as if my subconscious knew what went on while I was unconscious.

I wake up again and I am in a room with my mother standing over me and, who I think are just a few nurses. They are explaining to me that I will be very uncomfortable because of the severity of my wounds. I have a rod and several screws in my fibula and I have a plate ad some screws in the elbow of my left arm. A catheter was inserted and a tube was inserted into the right side of my rib cage to drain fluids that were entering my lungs. Hearing all of that opened my eyes to the severity of what happened and I was able to finally talk. My mother told me that while I was driving, a work van going the opposite direction attempted to do a u-turn and didn’t see me. So when they committed in the turn, they cut me off and I slammed into the side of the vehicle.

From the look of the pictures that my mother showed me of both vehicles, I don’t know how I was not scooped up off the ground with a spoon and a vacuum, let alone being alive to hear the story. My mom sat there with me until visitation ended and she filled me in on everything. The cops were able to contact my brother, father, and mother through my phone using my fingerprint. She told me how my bones have protruded out of my body so bad that they had to cut all of my clothes off to do work on me. Because of my bones puncturing my body, I had to have blood transfusions to keep me alive. All in all, there I was, breathing and alive, and from the details of the accident, I can only say that God was riding with me on that scooter.

I did not feel fear. I did not feel stressed. I did not feel anger. All I felt was an immense amount of appreciation, gratitude, love, and happiness. I was reborn and I feel that I have a duty to share my story in the hopes that I can bring awareness to how a life can be changed in the blink of an eye and give an understanding of what my journey is going to consist of.

This is my rebirth day. This is my second chance at life. This is the new beginning of creating the best me that I can be. Follow my journey. Any support will help push me to go as far as I can go.


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