How to have every man and/or woman that you want in your life.

Hey! Good morning. I want to put you on to a little secret that will allow you to have everybody you have ever wanted at the same time. It’s fairly easy actually. So you see Brenda? Yea that drop dead beautiful woman right over there. You can have her. You can have Marissa, Kendall, Brianna, Katie, Knalla, Victoria and all of those other jaw dropping woman in your life right now.

Oh. You want Mike, Daniel, Austin, Jarred, Mike and Clay also? Cool! You can have them as well. So I have a checklist and if you follow these rules, you can have anybody that you want and have them all at the same time.

The first and last step are the hardest steps to follow but it will be so worth it in the end. Follow these steps properly and you will have more people than you could imagine.

First it starts with you. Of course nobody is going to want to be in the life of somebody who doesn’t take care of themself so on that note, work on your hygiene. Creat habits that build your confidence. Make your bed in the morning, brush your teeth and exercise regularly. Read books and continue doing hobbies that make you move. Activities that build you. That first step is hard because you have formed habits that will take a while to change, so have patience.

Next, go places that attract the type of person that you are attracted to. If you are into somebody who watches movies, go to the movies. If you like boarding, hiking, wall climbing or just want to be spontaneous, join an adventure group. You want somebody who is physically fit, go to the gym.

From there, introduce yourself. Don’t come on strong. Just be yourself. Trust me. This is the biggest thing. BE YOURSELF. Laugh and have conversations. Allow yourself to let him/her get to enjoy you for the you that you are. As long as you followed the first 2 steps, this part will be a little easier because your confidence and self love is the most attractive thing you wear.

Now, understand that not everybody is going to be head over heals with who you are. Everybody will have their own specific wants and needs and it is impossible or you to please everybody and that is okay. As long as you are true to yourself, then the ones that enjoy you will find the urge to want to keep you in their life.

Like I said from the beginning, the last and final step to having all of the men and woman you every want in you life is the hardest but the most important that puts all of the pieces together. DO NOT HAVE SEX WITH THEM!!!. Period. Not everybody who is beautiful, have a great personality, amazing sense of humor, strong, compassionate and smart needs to be a soul mate.

These are called friends. I know, I know. You thought I was talking about something else and getting everybody you want in a sexual manner but that’s not how life is. Being friends will allow you to have that person that you can talk to. That person that will be empathetic towards you. They will be strong when you are weak and have a sense of humor to make you laugh hysterically. They will be your accountability partner and they will be the people that will push you to be the great person that you need to be.

Follow these rules and you will be able to have everybody you’ve ever wanted at the same time. You will have more happiness in your life. You will have a support system and you will become a lot stronger, go to a lot more places and experience more things in your lifetime.


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