We need diversity, not hate.

While looking at the amount of division in the world today, I can’t help question why? Why can’t we get along? Why can’t we be friends? Why do we have so much fear for the people around us? Why do we have to think people are greater than or less than others because of the way that they were raised or their ethnic background, the color of their skin, and the money they have. Why do we judge somebody by what they do as a job or for just the way that they choose to live their life? Why?

The more I ask myself this question, the less I understand. Like a black hole that keeps sucking me in stronger and stronger with no sign of easing up. Why have we gotten to this point of being?

Instead of the constant judgments, shouldn’t we genuinely be inviting other thoughts and ideas that aren’t our own? Shouldn’t we be entertained and hungry to learn new things from new perspectives and new voices. To be told something from different mouths and experience new ways of doing old things by new people?

I have seen all types of lifestyles. I haven’t just tied many shoes. I’ve also worn them. From a child who was lost and scared that couldn’t find his mother, to a woman who needed to tighten up the lace to her heels because she couldn’t reach down herself. From sitting down and sharing a newspaper with a homeless man at the corner store to talking to a couple who was visiting for the first time from England.

Through every interaction, I was able to gain something both good and bad. From learning a new way of wording a sentence as to not offend somebody in another culture to jumping on a skateboard for the first time as a 30-year-old man. From opening my eyes to adventures and activities that changed my life. Activities that didn’t fit society’s stereotypes of what a black and Hispanic man should conduct himself in. Activities such as longboarding, journaling, competing in triathlons, jumping out of planes, swimming with sharks, climbing 400-foot towers, finding bombs as a dog handler, cycling the entire island of Oahu, surfing, hiking, canoeing, and the list goes on and on.

Adventures and activities that I would not have known of without inviting new into my life. Embracing other cultures. Embracing others’ ideas when it comes to health, wealth, happiness, pain, spirituality, and way, way more. I’ve always gone by the quote that “You never know how bad you feel until you feel good.”, but how will you know if something is going to be amazing if you never try it and how will the idea come in if you shut down everything different from you?

A homeless man can speak an idea to somebody who can put it into motion. A child’s reaction can teach an adult how to respond to certain situations. We honestly do not know what benefits other people can bring to our lives

So back to the main question. “WHY?!” This question is for everybody. Why are we so addicted to the comfort of continuously doing the same thing out of comfort even if it’s painful that we hate, belittle and judge others? Why are we so stuck on not wanting to be around another person who can change our life for the better all because of the color of their skin? Why are we going to put a wall up and talk down on a lifestyle or a sport or an activity or even a hobby and travel destination because it’s “different”.

So instead of hating, we need to come together. A black man’s struggle will strengthen him in ways white man would never understand unless the white man openly listened to learn. A white man raised without feeling certain types of fear will have a type of confidence that the black man could learn to appreciate if he was willing to listen to understand. A girl’s trials and tribulations will make her the strong, independent woman that can be appreciated and the weight that is put on the boy’s back will grant him the strength to hold up the world.

Let us use our strengths to push us into a positive and productive future instead of continuously create this wall that is blocking us from reaching our own full potential as human beaings.


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