The Earthling and the Martian

Long time ago and child was born. A beautiful little girl who had dreams of falling in love. She would watch movies about fairytales and read books about prince charming overcoming odds that the average person could not face. In all of these stories there was always a damsel in distress and a hero that would swoop in and save the love of his life and ride off to the sunset and live happily ever after.

Hearing these stories filled this little girl with excitement. They gave her ideas that she wanted her soul mate to have. He had to be strong. He had to be smart. He had to be able to hold the weight of the world on his back while still being gentle and sweet enough to be affectionate. He had to be handsome to everybody’s standards and her walking alongside of him would make the crowd stop and stare.

Once the little girl was older and allowed to date, she found men that fit these physical descriptions and gave them all an opportunity to be her Prince Charming. What she soon realized is that she couldn’t judge a book by its cover. This man had the strong jaw line and the washboard abs but he wasn’t charming. So she moved on to another. This was one handsome and strong but he was violent. So she moved on. This one was smart but he didn’t make her fall to the floor from laughter. So she moved on. After years and years of this, she realized that her Prince Charming was not on earth. All of the qualities that she needed for her happily ever after was not realistic.

One day, she went far far away from home. So far that there were no signs of street lights or building. No cars and people walking around. A spot on the highest hilltop where she could see every star in the sky. She laid down on a blanket and closed her eyes.

“If there is a man for me anywhere in this galaxy, let him hear my call for him.” She said over and over again while flicking a flashlight on and off into the dark abyss of space. “If there is a man for me anywhere in this galaxy, let him see these lights signaling for him”.

About the time that she was about to give up, she saw a flicker in the sky. Shortly after, she saw another flicker, and then another, and then another. The flickering was speeding up and before she knew it, the flickering was so fast that it looked like a beam of light. In amazement the girl stood up, staring at the light as it seemed to get bigger and bigger. Before she knew it, the light became blinding. In a blink of an eye she saw a figure appear from inside of the light.

The silhouette was man like. It had broad shoulders and very tall. The woman didn’t understand but she was not afraid. If anything she felt protected. She felt safe. When the figure got closer, she saw that it wasn’t scary. I wasn’t giving her any negative feelings. It was actually, in more ways than one, beautiful. He was graceful. He was strong. He was jaw dropping.

Although he didn’t say a word, she could somehow understand what he was there for. He was there for her. Inviting her to go with him. When he held out his hand, she slowly grabbed it and embrace him for all he was. In that moment she knew what she wanted. She knew why he was there and she knew where she wanted to be. She wanted to be anywhere he was.

She looked up into his eyes and his soul communicated with hers. He showed her who he was. She saw his past. She felt his feelings. She saw him for who he was. He led her back towards the light, not in a forceful way but rather in a way that if she decided to stay, he would let her and vice versa if she wanted to go along. She chose to go into the light with him.

The light was overwhelming but it wasn’t painful. She felt warmth and weightlessness. Every negative feeling that she had seemed to just disappear the closer she got and she was happy. She felt safe and she would do anything she could to keep that feeling. The ground started to pull away as she started to lift higher and higher. She saw the world in a way that she never imagined to see it.

It was beautiful. Still, higher and higher they began to to rise. Now into the dark of space. He showed her new perspectives. He showed her beauty in what she use to be afraid of. He showed her things that she has never experienced and she loved it. Loved the new ideas. Loved the views and most importantly loved where she was going. As long as she was with him, she knew she would be in heaven.

During the adventure she noticed that she was heading to a very familiar looking rock. It looked a lot like Mars and excitement filled her entire body. He has shown her nothing but miracles. He has shown her the most beautiful views that anybody has ever introduced to her. In this small moment in time, she felt what she has always craved. She found her hero. She found her Prince Charming and this was her riding off in the sunset.

Once the red ground met their feet, he looked at her and welcomed her home. He said that as far as she could see was hers and she had the power to do anything and everything she wanted but she realized that something was off. Something wasn’t right. This feeling was too good to be true. She thought that when they got to the planet that she would be home but she didn’t feel home. Their was a new feeling. A feeling that she wasn’t use to. She didn’t see the people. She didn’t see the cities. She didn’t see the houses. All she saw was a barren land and she didn’t like it.

She looked at him in disgust. She questioned his intentions with her. She questioned what she saw. She questioned what she felt. He looked at her and she felt that he was being 100 percent honest but she didn’t want to risk believing him because of the people she believed in her past. She wanted him to prove that he was everything that she wanted and needed.

He was confused. He didn’t understand. When he touched her and opened up his eyes to her, he gave her his DNA. He gave her his life. His memories. His pain as well as his wants. How else could he prove it to her that he meant her no harm? So he tried. He tried to change the barren land into something that was more fulfilling to her. He tried to change the air that she would breathe to be more comfortable for her. He changed everything that made him him to help her feel comfortable in his environment.

What he didn’t realize is that Mars didn’t have the same environment as Earth. He was not meant to breathe oxygen. He was not meant to have grass fields and and soft rainstorms. Changing that was around him was slowly killing him. It was a poison but she demanded him to be what she thought a Prince Charming should be.

After some time, he grew weak. He grew tired. He began to feel a feeling that he has never felt before. He was feeling hate and resentment and most importantly, he was feeling lost. He started questioning who he was and why he had this feeling. Why was he feeling guilt when he didn’t do anything wrong. Why was he being blamed for things that he wasn’t even thinking about doing. Why was he constantly in fear to do anything that made him the being that he was. For an earthling that prayed for him to save her?

Eventually he looked her into her eyes and said this. “This is my planet. This is how I live. This is what I do. This planet is what heals me. This planet is what nourishes me. I have opened up my soul to you. I have given you all of me. I have brought you to my home. I have given you everything that you prayed for. I’m sorry but this planet is what heals me and I can’t change the dynamic of it to make you comfortable. I can’t change the air I breathe to make it comfortable for you. I can’t change the environment to make it into something that you are comfortable with. I never forced you to come to my planet. You voluntarily came here and I showed you all that I am. I’m sorry but if what heals me is poison to you, then you need to leave and go back to the life that allows you to heal.”

She didn’t like that. She felt betrayed. She felt lied to. He promised her the world. How could he do this to her? How could he tell he unless he never loved her to begin with? So out of impulse, she walked back into the light but instead of it being warm, it was cold. Instead of it feeling weightless, she felt crushed. She was hurting. All of the beauty that she saw on the way to Mars looked way different on the way back to Earth. Instead of feeling safe and protected, she felt exposed and alone. That feeling created bitterness towards the martian.

“How could he not take heal the damages from my past? How could he not change my mindset? How could he not make me feel happiness and how could he not make me trust him?” When she arrived back to Earth, she went back to the men from her past. She went back to the family. She went back to the people that hurt her, trying to find that feeling that she had when she first met the Martian. Not realizing that he was hurting as well from her leaving, she naturally took her anger out on him. Constantly accused him to having negative intentions with her which led her to do things that would have killed him if he knew. She made him the bad guy.

While back on Mars, the Martian was rebuilding himself. He watched her from a distance but he didn’t feel anger. Not anymore. Now he felt sadness. Sadness and pity for her. He saw the bad that she was doing and heard all of the bad that she was saying about him. He understood though that he couldn’t force anything. He gave her all of him and she didn’t appreciate it. So now the Martian is moving on with his existence and manifesting everything that he knows he is capable of experiencing and creating the positive atmosphere that was poisoned from her invitation.

He moved on. He lived happy. He lived abundantly. He became that Prince Charming that he always was but he became that Prince Charming for himself. Where she is now, he doesn’t know but he knows that who he is is way stronger than it ever was with the experiences that he shared with her. He look up to the sky one day and realized that he was finally able to ride off to the sunset and live happily ever after.


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