woman standing near rock formation

Love is to be respected, not controlled

Earth, wind, water and fire are the greatest forces on our amazing planet. It brings life as well as takes it away. It can be as beautiful as it can be ugly. The earth doesn’t try to control these powerful forces but instead allows them to shape it into the magnificent beauty that we see all around us.

Just like the earth, us as individuals have forces inside of us that shape us to be the beautiful people that we are. One of those forces, and in my opinion, the strongest is love. Love allows a mother to lift a car to save her child. Love tells us to get up and keep going when the weight of the world is pulling us down.

Love is what inspires us to create beautiful works of art and speak words that spread to other’s souls through music. None of which can be taught in a school. Just like our planet can’t control the forces of nature, we can’t control this force called love. The moment that we try is the moment we start destroy the beauty within ourselves.

For example, lets compare love to having a dangerous job. The dangers are always going to be there and we can not control that. It will involve pain sometimes and people will get hurt. It can get scary at times and it demands to be respected for its status. Respected for its purpose. Respected for its power.

Because of the dangers it’s not going to be easy but there are tools in place to make sure you can still enjoy it and go home safe and sound at night.

You can’t guilt trip the weather so it doesn’t rain but you can prepare yourself with tools to stay dry and keep comfortable when the storm starts.

You can’t expect the job to do something for you all because you did something for it, but you can do the best you can and go with the flow. You can’t use manipulation to make the equipment work harder for you but you can take care of the equipment as best as you can to make sure that it works properly for your benefit.

Love was not meant to be controlled rather than respected. Love is not suppose to be forced rather than allowing love to invite you in. Once you start trying to control the outcome to work in your favor, you start to do the exact opposite of what love is, and you will push the love away.

So respect love and treat love without any conditions. Who knows, maybe if you allow the storm to come in, it will bring the gentle rain that will put you into a peaceful sleep while in the arms of the person that loves you unconditionally.


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