Don’t Limit Yourself From Receiving Advice

There are many times when advice is given and people will create excuses as to why not to listen. Be careful. Do not limit yourself or make excuses to not listen and here is why.

A man went onto social media to vent on his current relationship status. He was complaining how the woman he was talking to left him and has been ignoring all of his attempts to contact her. This lasted a week and soon after that he became extremely bitter towards women and started the name bashing and placing judgement out of his misery.

Naturally people would respond. They would either agree with the man which is understandable because misery loves company or they would get defensive and try to belittle him. Finally an older woman came onto the thread and attempted to give him advice on the scenario and tried to explain that she understood his pain but he was going about it the wrong way.

She told him how she felt for him and then attempted to give him advice on what she felt he could possibly do. Asked him questions on the type of woman that he wanted and even tried to give him some constructive criticism on things that he may or may not have been doing to help with his relationships.

Because the lack of wanting to hear about his possible flaws and take responsibility for some of the things that he may or may not be doing, he tried to spread his hurt and pain by saying that she doesn’t know anything and why would he take advice from somebody who also had plenty of failed relationships in the past and is currently single?

She ended the conversation hurt and possibly even questioning things about herself. I will agree that it made plenty of since. Why would somebody take advice from somebody who doesn’t have what they are giving advice on? Then it clicked.

Who is to say that she wasn’t giving amazing advice and her failed relationships were due to her her mistakes and allowing people to take advantage of her? Who is to say that she isn’t single because she knows what she wants and what she is willing to accept and not settling for the bare minimum.

Now think about that. What if people are giving advice to things that that they don’t currently have to keep you from doing the same mistake that they may have went through?

In another perspective, who is to say that the advice that somebody is giving may actually work but may be harder for the person who is telling it because of their current circumstances. For example, I am on a beautiful journey to be financially well off. Like any journey, there are obstacles and struggle. Through my struggle I have learned a bunch of ways to get to where I need to be for myself but I am not there yet.

Many people will not give my words the time of day because I am not there YET, not realizing that me not being their currently does not mean that what I am saying won’t help you as well. What advice is given could actually be taken and the person taking it could add more to what was said and create a better fundamental that works better.

So before you start judging people who give you advice, understand that advice is just that. Advice. It is not to be forced onto you like a demand. Advice is a tool and if it is offered, put it into your toolbox because you may need it later on but don’t limit yourself from receiving these words because of others circumstances and/or their current place because it may be exactly what you need to hear from people who genuinely know what they are talking about.


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