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Trust and Communication: The Base Of A Healthy Relationship.

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While there are many other areas that need to be worked on in a relationship, trust and communication are the two main areas that hold a relationship together. Without one, the relationship begins to weaken and will eventually end, losing everything else that goes along with it.

There are family relationships, professional relationships, friendly relationships and other relationships that communication and trust will affect but the relationship that I want to talk about is the romantic relationship.

To this day, my wife hates my analogies but this one seems a bit fair to use. Picture a relationship being a chain. The stronger the bond, the more secure it is. Each link is given a name such as Sex, Intimacy, Punctuality, Cleanliness, Security, Personality, and many, many more depending on what you want and need in a relationship.

Out of all of these links in the chain, trust and communication is the lock and key. Without a lot a key, anything and anybody can come by and sever the bond in your relationship. Get the picture? Now let me show you how.

First I will start with communication. Communication is the key to the relationship chain and without it, you will never be able to gain access to the relationship. Just like your house key and car key, communication is carried with you everywhere you go and is an important part of everyday life.

Throughout any part of any relationship, matters will need to be discussed in order to keep an organized lifestyle ranging from picking up the kids, setting dates and times to events, grabbing milk on the ay home and expressing feelings to one another. Everybody wants to stay in the loop when it comes to their spouse and without proper physical and verbal communication it is easy for many situations to get out of whack and trust can start to diminish.

Of course, there are many other ways to diminish trust but the lack of proper communication can lead to misinterpreted views and unproductive thoughts that can lead to negative feelings. From there, that is when situations could really start heading into the wrong direction.

Trust is the lock that connects the link of the chain. Depending on the strength of trust, anybody and anything could easily break the bond and destroy any romantic relationship. Some of the major causes of trust issues derive from infidelity, past experiences, and control. Yes I said it. Needing to have control is never letting yourself be vulnerable and that will eventually lead to lack of trust to the people around you, but that will be written in a separate article about the links to the chain of a relationship.

Trust is extremely vital because without it, nothing and I mean NOTHING positive can grown. Honest words could be mistaken for sarcasm. Late responses and missed calls can lead to negative seeds the will grow from the water of negative thoughts. Coming home a little later than usual could question if there are other people or other forms of inappropriate activities and those thoughts only will lead to disaster.

Improper communication and lack of trust will slowly but surely push the individuals involved in the relationship away. Without trust, the individual who missed the call may get accused of ignoring them or involved in a disrespectful activity when in all actuality was taking a nap, in the middle of licking the barbeque sauce of their fingers or just forgot to put the ringer on after they left the movie theatre.

By the time the person is able to explain what is actually going on, the negative seeds may have grown into a tree of deception and the explanation will not be believed and accusations will be made. Of course, nobody wants to be accused of anything that they are not doing, so that will cause insecurities in the accused which will then build frustration and even more lack of communication.

If the problem doesn’t get fixed early on, everything that is said will bring more and more arguments, which will then build more and more actions that will lead to the lack of trust and the cycle will continue the infinite downhill spiral until both parties are to a point of no return and the relationship will end. People who loved each other at first will separate as enemies who will never want to see each other again.

I understand that trust and communication can be very hard to work on but with the proper practice, guidance and a lot of patience, the chain to the relationship will be held tight and secured by a sturdy lock and key that could withstand any storm.

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