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Live today as if you were to die tomorrow

So, while driving to the emergency room and listening to my daily motivation videos on YouTube, I overheard the phrase “Live today as if you were to die tomorrow.” and a light bulb clicked.

It’s funny how certain quotes can hit harder and be dissected in ways that never could be on a typical day. How the meanings can mean something totally different with a change of environment.

Anyways, while sitting in the waiting room, I see people around me and I can’t help but ask myself why they were here? Is it life threatening or just a simple cough? Possibly a simple cough that may actually be life threatening? Then I wondered if, at one point, they asked themselves the same questions that are going through my mind.

If I was to die tomorrow or have a case where my life may be cut short, how would I live today? Would I love where I was and who I became? Would I have any regrets of things that I did not do? Would I allow the people that were currently in my life to still be in my life? Would I have different thoughts when people gave me their opinions or asked me to do things?

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These were just a handful of the questions and while I asked them to myself, I realized that if I was to die tomorrow I would be beyond pissed at the life that I lived and the place where I currently was in life. It was a very painful realization especially when I asked the big “WHY”.

I have been in relationships where either a family, a friend or a spouse has told me not to do something that I truly enjoyed because they didn’t feel that I would have fun or be successful. And I listened.

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I have had plenty opportunities to do something that I have not done but allowed somebody to talk me out of not doing it because they weren’t able to and wanted to do it with me. Many of those people are out of my life and I haven’t had the opportunity to do the activity ever since.

“That car doesn’t fit you.”

“That girl won’t like you.”

“Wait for me.”

“Don’t do this until I…..”

“That sport is lame.”

“You can’t make money doing that.”

Oahu, HI.

What I will tell you is to stop listening. Just stop. They say that you only have 1 life but many people don’t see the depth in that statement. Until I was on that drive to the emergency room, I didn’t know either, but starting today I am going to make a change in my life.

I am going to change the people that I surround myself with. I am going to learn to tell people “No” and not feel guilty. I am going to do whatever I need to do to get to where I want and I am not going to let anybody slow me down.

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Tampa, Florida 2016

Stop explaining. Friends don’t need the explanation and enemies won’t believe you. If you want to write that book, then write it. Stay up as late as you need to get it done and surround yourself with people that are going to motivate you and boost you to get there.

If you want to start that business, use all of the negative feedback as fuel to get you going harder and don’t be afraid of failure. Failure eliminates options that help get you to the one that succeeds.

If that is your dream car, buy it even though “That looks like a chick car.” or, “That is too manly for you.”. That’s fine because they won’t be in the passenger seat while you ride happily to your next happy place.

Lets change the way that society believes. The belief that we are put on this earth to make other people happy. Put onto this earth to validate other peoples fears. We only live once. Go out and live your life the way that you want to!!! Do it before it is to late.

Kiss that girl. Get that job. Join that group. Buy those shoes. Play that sport. Take that trip. Live your life.

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