You Are Unique

You are unique. Be that!

I made a Facebook post not too long ago asking all of my followers what physical attributes they saw as attractive? Regardless if it was of the opposite sex or of the same sex. When you see it, what turns you on? The responses were actually very surprising to me and made me want to write about what I learned.

The comments were very diverse, ranging from both men and woman of all ages. Naturally the obvious answers came up first. Most men were talking about butts and breasts while woman were talking about abs and biceps. It wasn’t until I started getting different responses which really pulled me into the discussion. Once people started thinking for themselves, they started giving me very unique answers.

People started expressing details such as peoples jaw structure and the shape of peoples noses. They would write how much the loved looking at the details in peoples hands and feet and even to the extreme of looking at somebodies posture. Many people were attracted to people who are a little thicker. Something to be able to hold onto whether it’s tight and muscular or a wider and softer body. Just as many were attracted to the thinner body frame.

In no time it really started to get juicy. People then started expressing things that they didn’t like and I did not expect it to have so much extra volume. The responses took me a lot deeper than where I was planning on going with the post. Some people did not like big butts. Many did not like the ripped body full of muscles. There were just as many dislikes as there were likes. I allowed my post to sit there for a few hours so that enough people could get involved with the post before I expressed my initially reasoning for my post to begin with.

I initially wanted people to look at others responses and do some questioning to get out of the loop of following the leader and express what they truly love as an individual. To allow themselves to understand that everybody is going to like different attributes as well as dislike certain one.

The reasoning for my post was to basically show people to love themselves. Love yourself for who you are. If you want to get toned and muscular for yourself, then do it. If you want to get tanned because you like that, then do it. Reason being, I am noticing a lot of people changing who they are and what they look like to attract other people.

Like I found out in my post, there are a lot of people who like many different aspects of your body. There are just as many people who aren’t going to like the changes that you are purposely doing to try and attract them. You getting a fake butt can possibly deter the people that you are trying to attract because they may not be into that. The person who would fall in love with your natural beauty will be put off by the person who wears too much makeup.

I understand. We all have insecurities and we all want to be wanted. We all want to feel like we are beautiful and I want you to know that you are beautiful Who you are now and what you look like, somebody is going to love it, just like there will be somebody who doesn’t like it. So be beautiful to you. Do what attracts you to yourself and you won’t have to worry about gambling on attracting the wrong person and pushing away the right one. Fall in love with yourself and you will attract the people who will love you the same way.

Now let me protect myself by saying that there is an unlimited supply of fish in the sea and there will always be somebody who is going to like you regardless of the changes that you make to your physical appearance. What this post is basically saying is that if there is an unlimited amount of people in this world and you will always have that one person who is going to be infatuated with your natural beauty, then why allow negative thoughts from irrelevant people make you feel like you aren’t attractive and make you change? Love yourself. You are unique and your uniqueness is beautiful.


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